Technical Translation Services

Image Technical translation is one of the major fields in the language translation industry. If you want to take your business globally, we can help you communicate with your international audience. Translating your technical documents will be an important step to contact your foreign prospects and create strong relationships with your clients and partners. Translation Global is a brand you can trust! We manage a global network of technical translators who are all experts in their respective fields. Therefore, we provide precise and reliable technical translation services. The most effective means of getting your message across is through making all of your promotional materials available in the language of your target market. Let us do that for you! We are experienced professionals in technical website translation and technical software localization, as well as in the translation of the following technical documents:

• User Manuals
• Data Sheets and Specifications
• Product Presentations
• Brochures
• Catalogues
• Advertising Materials, etc.

Our main clients for technical translations include engineering equipment manufacturers and suppliers, automotive producers, and renewable energy investors. We know that your business requires accuracy and we will give it all the attention it deserves.

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